Artículos Tayos publicados desde el 2005:


  • Australia / Nueva Zelandia / GB: NEXUS Magazine Vol. 14, No. 2: Febrero-Marzo 2007; book review of Tayos Gold
  • Australia / Nueva Zelandia / GB: NEXUS Magazine Vol. 13, No. 4: Junio/Julio 2006
  • Swiza & Alemania: MYSTERIES Magazine Nr 3: Mayo/Junio 2006
  • Italia: HERA Magazine: Octubre 2005
  • España: MAS ALLÁ: No. 197: Julio 2005
  • Ecuador: MI PAIS: Junio & Augosto 2005
  • Ecuador: EL UNIVERSO: Temas Domingo: 13 March 2005


SCOTSMAN ARTICLES - sólo en Inglés


Out of this World Solution to a Scottish Standing Stone

Published Date: 28 November 2006 - By Diane MacLean

THE NEWTON stone is a small, rather unassuming pillar in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. On one side is faded, ancient writing, on the other a curling snake and cylindrical patterning. Many would say that it is a typical example of a Scottish standing stone


The reputed shipment of South American gold would be worth billions today, a fact not lost on Ecuador’s press.  

Lost Treasure of El Pensamiento

Published Date: 24 December 2003 - By Jim Gilchrist

The story starts with a ghost ship, a vessel which eludes the usual shipping registers, but which may have slipped into the port of Leith on Christmas Eve, 1803 ...


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