"They said this mystery shall never cease; the priest promotes war and the soldier peace"

William Blake


Interplanetary Catastrophism, in one gigantic leap, resolves historical mysteries, bridges evolutionism and creationism, and explains the subliminal lemming factor inherent in the human memory chromosomes. That the evidence for Catastrophism is supported from so many sources places its neglect beyond surprise and into the realm of calculated omission. The prehistory of the Earth and its custodians, lies less in what has been said than in what has been silenced: the silent neglect of evidence, the silent borrowing of ideas, and the silent reversals without apology, are not difficult to detect.

For 2,500 years the record of global cataclysms has been obscured by a conflict of evolutionist and creationist interests. Today, the gap between these warring philosophies is exploited by a pseudo-science that seeks to explain geological, historical, astronomical and theological enigmas using the hardware of the space age. In a dream world there is never a lack of diversions.

War mania and dogma will dominate the human spirit as long as that spirit remains imprisoned by false history and false beliefs, and the survival of civilization will depend on whether Humanity chooses to confront its traumatic legacy with knowledge and common sense or perish with its dreams.

Despite the aberrations of the past, human destiny, this writer believes, will be revealed through beauty, wisdom, love and - above all - altruism, the highest of all religions. Whether in the stilled hearts of those who have fallen and are falling on history’s soon forgotten battlefields, or in the accusing eyes of a newborn child, this hope remains the enduring ideal, the truest and strongest purpose. On this piece of cosmic dust, mankind can yet summon the knowledge and courage to root out the distortions of the past, realign human purpose, and nourish the inner vision that sees beyond this Earth, and beyond this time.

Stan Hall

"One ship drives east and another drives west
With the selfsame winds that blow
'Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
Which tells them the way to go"

Ella Wheeler Wilcox



Over the last two centuries

1. Increasing "Sunspot Activity"

2. Absorbed Methane and Carbon Dioxide spawning from the Earth’s Forests and River Deltas.

3. Diminution in the magnetosphere calculated to reach 100% within the next two thousand years; have been combining to widen ozone gaps and leave the Earth teetering and unprotected against cosmic storms - all this within a few seconds of geological time.





10,000 BC

Catastrophism is a dirty word in archaeology. But despite not being liked, it remains a fact that civilisations have abruptly ended. And the biggest of all catastrophes seems to have occurred ca. 12,000 years ago. New research, however, might argue in favour of Velikovskian – if not Atlantean? – ideas...

Philip Coppens - read article



Below are links to web sites dedicated to the subject of Catastrophism, the Electric Universe and their connections with Mythology and Astronomy and many other fields. Thoroughly recommended:

thunderbolts.info - Is the leading resource for the Electric Universe. It is updated with fascinating and challenging news items on a daily basis. Below a quote from the web site:

"Today, nothing is more important to the  future and credibility of science than liberation from the gravity-driven universe of prior theory. A mistaken supposition has not only prevented intelligent and sincere investigators from seeing what would otherwise be obvious, it has bred indifference to possibilities that could have inspired the sciences for decades."
David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill

holoscience.com - Is the web resource of Wal Thornhill, the man behind the Electric Universe.  The term 'Electric Universe' has been used before, but never in the same broad, holistic sense.

plasmacosmology.net - This web site aims to provide an introduction to the emerging Plasma Universe paradigm, and to explore some of the many profound implications.

electric-cosmos.org - Is yet another excellent resource by Don Scott, a retired professor of electrical engineering.

sis-group.org.uk - Is the oldest and most comprehensive resource for catastrophist information and research.

velikovsky.info - The Immanuel Velikovsky Encyclopedia is about the author, and the people and controversy that has resulted from his works. Immanuel Velikovsky's work inspired Stan Hall's work immensely.

sheldrake.org - Is one of the world’s most innovative biologists, and is best known for his theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance, which leads to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory.



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