77º47'34" West and 1º56'00" South

Close to the Southern border of the Amazonian Province of Pastaza, Ecuador; marked by a line running due east from Mount Sangay converging with another running due south from Mount Sumaco: concealed below river level inside a treacherous section of the Tayos Caves System, some kilometers in length, formed by the River Pastaza.

Separate 'Cave of the Tayos' is on the Coangos River, mapped by the 1976 Expedition: 78º 13' W 3º 6' S

Pastaza River Stretch of Tayu Cave Location


After separate odysseys with Moricz and another key protagonist Hall broke his rule of rejecting any treasure, monster or ufo that cannot be dragged up to his front door, or that Steven Spielberg can replicate, by finally accepting the Tayos metal library and treasures had to exist! Packed with scientific and historical information but lacking an ancient script in South America he distilled from Mytho-history a model of The Origins of the Solar System and Humanity that might accommodate the metal library...

... and a more astounding 'crystal' library that accompanies it!

Following the deaths of the two key protagonists in the 1990s Hall became sole custodian of the treasure story. Realizing such a fantastic tale could never stand on its own he developed an Optical Relativity Model (see Grailscope) to effect an empirical distillation of data gathered since 1974, finally emerging with two non-fiction and two fiction manuscripts covering his analyses and discoveries.

Tayos Gold
The Archives of Atlantis
Tayos Dawn From Eden to Atlantis
Tayos FeverJungle Fire
Savage GenesisThe Missing Page


General Description of the Treasure of the Tayu (Tayhuantinsuyu)

1. A library consisting of thousands of metal books on shelves, each weighing about 20 kilograms, pages stamped on one side with ideographs, geometric designs and inscriptions.

2. A second library of hard, polished, rectangular, translucent plates, each with parallel, encrusted channels, laid on gold-leafed trestles.

3. Hundreds of zoomorphic and human statues, some on heavy plinths, representing various species of animals and insects, also humans in different positions displaying a variety of emotions.

4. 'Metal' bars of various shapes, together with toys and piles of alluvial gold.

5. Instruments for making buttons and jewellery.

6. Sealed doors (possibly tombs) covered in semi-precious stones.

7. A sarcophagus of translucent material containing a large, gold-leafed, human skeleton


Stan Hall at calculated "Yacu Waa" site

Above is a photograph of the site which Hall believed best matched the descriptions given by Petronio, together with the information gathered from all other sources involved in the story. Over the years after the death of the two key protagonists, Hall ventured into the Amazon on various Reconnaissance Trips in order to further distil his information and research to help narrow down his proposed location of the treasure, on more than one occasion these trips nearly cost him his life..

A full Analysis of the Treasure and its location, along with more detailed descriptions of Hall's quest can be found in Tayos Gold: The Archives of Atlantis, for more information on this and other books in the Tayos Series visit the Tayos Books section or to buy a copy go straight to our Goldlibrary Store


Sequence of events involved in the treasure trail

1946 - Petronio’s first visit to the treasure cave.

1956 - Petronio records his story to-date.

1964 - Petronio is variously interviewed: by Alfredo Moebius, Andrés Fernández-Salvador Z, Pino Turolla and Juan Moricz.

1965 - First visit by Moricz to the Tayos Cave in Morona-Santiago.

1968 - Mormon expedition to the Tayos Cave region.

1969 - ‘Expedition Moricz’ to the Tayos Cave.  Media announcement.

1972 - Moricz and Dr. Peña take Erich von Daniken on trip to Cuenca.

1974 - Notarised document of Moricz’s alleged discoveries (6th June).

1975 - First meeting of Stan Hall and Moricz. ‘Stones’ expedition to Mendez.

1976 - British-Ecuadorian Expedition: Tayos Caves of Morona-Santiago.

1978 - Moricz introduces Hall to Don Andrés Fernández-Salvador Z.

1979 - Important Hall/AFS meeting on Moricz, Dyott, and Jaramillo.

1982 - Moricz invites Hall to bring Cumbaratza gold-mining projects to attention of international Mining Companies and come to Ecuador. Hall begins in-depth historical investigation of the Empire of Tayhuantinsuyu and Reino de los Kitus.

1991 - Moricz dies suddenly in February.  In September Hall meets Petronio Jaramillo for the first time. Start of 6-Year collaboration.

1996 - Petronio and Hall update their stories: formulate plan for expedition.

1998 - Petronio is assassinated near his house in Esmeraldas.

1999 - Hall makes reconnaissance trips to the Oriente.

2005 - Hall publishes calculated location of the treasure and informs Ecuadorian Embassy in the U.K. on January 17th.



The Quest For The Metal Library

A system of tunnels and caves beneath Ecuador and Peru is reputed to hold an ancient treasure-house of artefacts including two libraries, one containing inscribed metal books and the other storing tablets of crystal.

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