Wal Thornhill - Natural Philosophy Alliance's Lecture

As we are proud supporters of the Thunderbolts project and its research, we are happy to share the link of a Lecture given by Wallace Thornhill at the Natural Philosophy Alliance's Conference in July. Both him and my father were deeply influenced by Imanuel Velikovski, the plasma and electric universe research continues to bring up more comprehensive and quantifiable answers to the makings and behaviour of our universe. I thoroughly recommend anyone interested in cosmoly and the electric universe theory to visit their webpage (www.thunderbolts.info) and watch the video below:

(part 1)

(part 2)


Release of SAVAGE GENESIS - The Missing Page!

We, the Hall Family, are very happy to announce the much anticipated release of Stan Hall’s last book in the Gold Library series:

SAVAGE GENESIS - The Missing Page

Stan Hall’s electrifying historical backdrop to Tayos Gold, Tayos Dawn and Tayos Fever, correlating 100 000 years of enigmas, mysteries and hypotheses into a radical revision of human origins and lost history!


You can order your copy now by following these links:

Hard cover Version - http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2081523

Soft cover Version - http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2081579

Please feel free to share the news with friends,

we look forward to hearing from people who read the book!


STAN HALL TRIBUTE - 27th of September 2009

To mark the one year anniversary since the passing of my father I have prepared a Tribute with the sermon given by Rev. Twaddle at the funeral. Our family would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and also Rev. Twaddle for a simple an enlightening service. I want to thank everyone who has helped me through this journey of discovery, I would not be were I am without your support. Eileen Hall


"From light we come, and to light we go.

From the light of this understanding I moved against the human aberration of War and followed its tribal roots down into the dark bowels of recorded history and beyond.

Never did I imagine such an incredible journey."

Stan Hall



At the request of family member Mrs. Agnes Nadaljai, Stan Hall invites readers of this website to assist, if possible, with information on the whereabouts, and/or resting place, of Vince Moricz, a 'lost' elder brother of Juan Moricz. email Stan at: tayosgold@aol.com

Information received from Agnes Nadaljai is as follows:

"Dear Stan,
Let me introduce first of all myself - my name is Mrs. Agnes Nadaljai and I am a Hungarian citizen living at Kormend, Hungary. My grandfather's cusin was Mr. Janos (Juan) Moricz here near to Kormend in a village called, Nadalja. He was born there and emigrated to South-America with his younger [older] brother, Vince. Until [When] my grandfather lived we kept the relationship with him but since my grandfather passed away this whole connection was just broken.

Thanks for your help. I asked my parents for Vince's birth-data.
The information is the following:

Vince Moricz [Oposics]
Nacido en Horvatnadalja (Hungría) en 02.01.1913.
Madre: Anna Oposics
Padre: Vince Moricz

Con mis mejores deseos,



Announcing Stan Hall's micro-diamonds discovery... north of volcano Pichincha at location: Latitude 00º 08' South Longitude 78º 33' West. Altitude 4200 metres. (Ref: Google Earth) The discovery was witnessed by geologists Dr. Tim Coates, Dr. Robert Dowding, Eng. Geo. Ignacio Schreckinger, Eng. Geo. Gerry Zurita, Eng. Min. Fabian Garcés and refining specialist Dr. James Wasas. Until Stan's discovery, no geologist believed that the geological conditions for diamonds existed in Ecuador.

Stan believes these micro-diamonds and other precious micro-minerals blasted out of the Guagua-Pichincha volcano west of Quito and - glinting in the sunlight as they descended - gave rise to the term 'Tears of the Sun'.



The Scotsman interviewed Stan Hall on the Tayos Gold Library and the Newton Stone. For another article in the Scotsman (Lost treasure of El Pensamiento), click here.





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