"Senor Hall! We are the only legitimates in the Tayos story!"

Petronio Jaramillo A. (1929-1998)


Petronio Jaramillo and Stan Hall (Quito 1996)


The Treasure of the Tayu and Manuscripts of Stan Hall

Here is the story of events that impelled Stan Hall to organize in a record 18 months from idea to completion an expedition of 100 soldiers and scientists from a dozen institutions into the Cave of the Tayos in Ecuador, accompanied by astronaut professor Neil Armstrong as Honorary President and participant. Also included is his unique record and analyses of rival claims about an alleged metal library and other fabulous treasures concealed in the Tayos caves by an astounding civilization!

Hall develops a long-term relationship with Juan Moricz, whose claim in 1969 to have found the metal library was sensationalised in Erich von Daniken’s ‘Gold of the Gods’ published in 1972. When Moricz dies in 1991 Hall meets with a mysterious missing person in the story, alluded to by Moricz though not by name.

During six years of questions and collaboration, Ecuadorian citizen Petronio Jaramillo A. is absolutely accepted by Hall as the true source and custodian of the treasure story. They fill gaps in their separate trajectories to complete the picture. Hall is then entrusted with the details of an enormous treasure, including a metal library of thousands of volumes -- also a second library of hard, polished, transparent tablets that cannot be scratched with a knife, its existence here disclosed for the first time!

When Hall is in Britain in 1998 initiating the plan for an official 'expedition of occupation', he receives by telephone the sad news from the mother of Petronio that he has been assassinated. With the passing of Juan Moricz and Petronio Jaramillo, the treasure trail might have disappeared. However, despite an agreement, to safeguard both families, that Jaramillo would not pinpoint the treasure until an expedition was in the field, Hall decides to combine the information from Petronio with his interdisciplinary background and field experience to determine its precise location. Working alone, burdened with long, hard years of operating in Ecuador and evading fringe elements, he finally decides the best course of action is to directly publish on the world-wide Web.


"The 'Iron Ring' forged by astronomers, historians, evolutionists and creationists, based on an erroneous identification of the star Sirius for the planet Venus (Egy: Ast or Aa-set) at the helical rising in 1321 BC, combined with a rejection of the mytho-historical record of interplanetary catastrophism and electromagnetism, guarantees a cyclical repetition of the errors of history!"

Stan Hall


Stan Hall's first book, Tayos Gold: The Archives of Atlantis, will be backed up by another book of historical investigation called Savage Genesis: The Missing Page.

Furthermore, both books have been combined and developed into a novel divided into two parts; Tayos Dawn: From Eden to Atlantis and finally Tayos Fever: Jungle Fire, depicting a saga which starts during Saturn's cataclysmic age and ends in the 20th Century, all written in order to reveal a revolutionary model for the Creation of the Solar System and the origins of Humankind, which could justify the enigma of the Tayos Metal Libraries.



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