The astonishing saga of Stan Hall’s quest for the Lost Archives of Atl Antis
explodes into a spectacular novel!


From the mists of prehistory and a landmark expedition to Ecuador in 1976 Stan Hall releases an Andean-Amazonian adventure of epic proportions. A unique interpretation of mytho-history and interplanetary catastrophism in Part I brings us from the Golden Age of Saturn to mankind’s Savage Genesis in Atl Antis and, in Part II, a quest to discover a vast gold library on a continent where no evidence of ancient script has previously been found.



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ISBN: 978-0-9549546-1-1


Migrants from planet Maruta doomed by an imminent birth of Jupiter from Saturn bring records of a cosmic civilization and creation events to primitive Earth where, in a hostile environment, survival is dominated by intrigue and savagery, within which a rebel female element struggles for equality. Towards the end of the last Ice Age, c.6000 BC, an Andean-Atlantean people set forth to establish civilization across the globe. Further catastrophes in the 23rd, 15th and 8th centuries BC gradually erase all memory of their original archives and treasures… until a stirring of racial genes draws them back across the Pacific Ocean to rediscover their Motherland in South America.

Follow a saga of the human spirit battling to survive exploding planets, erupting volcanoes, electric storms, and indescribable suffering, emphasising humanity’s inexorable and eternal search for love and adventure.



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