The adventure continues...


Nourished by the enchantment that is Ecuador, and the characteristic representations of individuals and intelligence agencies encountered there by investigative explorer Stan Hall, here is a magical voyage of historical discovery and romance enmeshed in greed and treachery.



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ISBN: 978-0-9549546-3-8


In 1964 word leaks from South America that Hungarian historian and investigator Jan Sandor, an acquaintance of Scots aristocrat John Drummond, has re-discovered the legendary archives of Atlantis. Leaders of global esoteric societies are invited to Drummond Castle to hear an address by John's father. Katherine Sinclair, a childhood sweetheart of Drummond, attends the gathering and decides to join him in Ecuador. When intelligence and sectarian agencies intrigue to control the library, Sandor forms an alliance of explorers who subordinate their rivalry to protect the discovery for Humanity.

A volatile cocktail of characters and events that explodes into action-packed savagery, mystery, adventure, romance… and genuine historical revelations!



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