"One of the most enthralling Amazon adventure tales ever written!"


Regarding the Tayos treasure it came to pass that, in the year 1946, the man known to descendants of the ill-fated Huamboya nation as 'Blanquito Pelado' told Petronio Jaramillo who, in 1965, told Alfredo Moebius, who told Andres Fernandez-Salvador Zaldumbide, who told Juan Moricz who, in 1972, told Erich von Daniken, who wrote 'Gold of the Gods', which was read by Stan Hall who, after 30 years of historical investigation and analysis, fixed its dangerous and treacherous geographical location at:

77º 47' 34'' West 1º 56' 00'' South


Atlantis, El Dorado, Inca Treasure - all in one location!


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"Señor Hall! Forget Erich von Daniken and his Gold of the Gods!
The best story is in you and if you ever decide to write it I will help you!"
Juan Morícz (1923-1991)


"We shall save it ... because there is no longer the sight of the Book of Counsel ...There was once the sight of it, and it was written long ago ... Great was its account and its description of when was finished the birth of all heaven and earth ..."
Book of the Popul Vuh, Edmunsen translation, 1971



Tayos Gold - Readers' Comments

Congratulations for your interesting book "Tayos Gold. The Archives of Atlantis". The account of your particular odyssey and all features and people around los Tayos story are astounding and exciting.
Jesús Laborda, Spain

I hope that you and I can stay in frequent contact, whether it be once every few months, or weekly. You are an inspiration to young people like myself, and I hope one day to do for others what you have done for me. 
Sean Connell, Washington State University

I'm a huge fan of your website and of the secrets that surround the Cave of the Tayos. Thank you, for letting me find out more about the Cave of the Tayos, a place I heard stories about from my dad when I was growing up. 
Felipe Navarrete, Ecuador

I just wanted to congratulate you for your book, I've read it and it has helped me a lot to understand our true heritage. I hope maybe someday the truth will be unveiled, for humanity's sake. Please, if you're planning to come to Ecuador someday I'd like to at least be able to shake your hand.
Jonathan E. Rodriguez, Ecuador

The photograph of the Newton Stone is really exciting! It's the most convincing example I have seen so far of the electric universe. 
Dr. Michel Merlyn, geologist, Belgium and Ecuador

I first off would like to congratulate you on your completion of what I believe to be an excellent and epic book. The amount of time, research, and hard work that goes into a report of this magnitude is self-evident and surely does not go unnoticed to the reader. Reading your book was a unique experience from the beginning and kept me learning and interested until the very end. 
Benjamin Firmston, Ecuador

Thank you for your research, ... I found your audio interview on [Whitley] Strieber's Dreamland with William Henry fascinating!...I was born in Budapest, Hungary, or should I say in my mother-tongue, Magyarország, and in my family there was always this intuitive feeling that our native history contains more than, at that time, our Communist educational system would have it. This audio interview means more to me than I can currently say. It validates many of my deep-held feelings...
Kriztián, U.S.A

I hasten to thank you and congratulate you for your wonderful work. I have TAYOS GOLD still on my night table and am reading it avidly for the fourth time. How can I buy TAYOS DAWN and TAYOS FEVER...?
Christian Lohs, Ecuador



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