Project 'TAYU WAA' A Sleeping Beauty


"The most important historical task of this century is the regeneration of interest in ancient South America, especially the pre-inca Empire(s) of Tayhuantinsuyu, as the missing page of prehistory and motherland of global civilization."

Stan Hall


Here, in English, but with more ample documentation in the Spanish version, is proof of the Tayu Waa World Heritage efforts of Stan Hall, based on a 1976 Tayos Expedition recommendation that the Cave of the Tayos area be designated a National Reserve. In 1994 the General Environment Fund (GEF) in Washington acceded to funding Hall’s request for the provinces of Morona-Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe (50,000 Km2) to be part of a major Forestry Study. Later, however, a vital letter requesting from a sympathetic European Union funding for the more ample Tayu Waa project never left the desk of the Secretary of the Ecuadorian Commission for National Development. A princess of a project, taking years to mature, died for want of a simple signature.




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